Do you ever wake up with a feeling of dread about your day? Do you have a child or a pet that wakes you up before your alarm goes off? Do you worry about your workday or the myriad of tasks you have to do?

Do you look at your day through a negative lense first thing?

Here are a couple of ways to reverse this:

Take 2 minutes each morning and look at your calendar or think of your day and either say aloud or think, “I have the opportunity to let my dog outside and smell fresh air!” “I have a furry friend who loves me every day!” “I am so fortunate! I get to clean off my desk today and finish the …report, which will allow me to focus elsewhere.” “I have the mental capacity to DO THIS THING! I’m so fortunate!”

If you look at each task as an OPPORTUNITY vs an OBLIGATION, you realize that you are so fortunate! If you say it aloud, you will believe it! Think what your day could be like when you view it as a series of opportunities to learn, grow, achieve, check things off your list….LIVE!

Secondly, you can even set yourself up for SUCCESS by doing this very exercise looking back at your day. What did you have the opportunity to learn today? What tasks did you take a huge chunk out of or complete? What conversations were enlightening? Did you compliment someone today? How did it make them feel? What were the 5 highlights of your day, not including food?

Take the time to train your mind, and find JOY. After all, there’s Just One You. 🌺❤️