Helping You Find Wellness With an Integrative Approach to Health

Who is Health Guidance For?

In this age of information, it’s hard to know how to turn it all into transformation. What should be your pace, the path, and your priorities? If you can relate to the feelings below, I can help you on your health and wellness journey! If you… 

Would like to lose weight--for good

Desire increased energy and stamina

Are in need of stress management tools

Need a more restful sleep on a regular basis

Are feeling hormonal imbalances/change

Are feeling some dissatisfaction in life relationships or career

Would like to become stronger and more flexible

Want to remove toxins from your environment

Want to find out what foods are right for YOU

There's Just One You - and you are worth restoring!

Let me partner with you on your journey to wellness in mind, body and soul.

Health Guidance Services

I provide one-on-one consultation packages and a variety of makeovers to help you make healthy choices. I will also be hosting workshops occasionally (See Events page or subscribe to be notified.)

Health Guidance


6-Month Health Guidance Program

I partner with individuals, meeting every other week for a total of 12 sessions, to guide them through a customized diet and lifestyle plan that is right for the individual. No two people are alike. I tailor my recommendations based on YOUR goals, YOUR body, YOUR needs.

3-Month Health Guidance Package

For those who have already been working with me or have most of the knowledge and habits, but need help tweaking things for themselves.

50-minute free consultation

At our free consultation, we will review the health history form that you have filled out, dig deeper into areas of concern, and establish how to move forward and tailor our future sessions to uniquely address your health and wellness.

Makeover Services

Recipe Makeovers

Do you have a favorite recipe or do you like trying new recipes but don’t know if you can because of the ingredients listed? I help my clients by helping to substitute ingredients to make it healthy for THEM  (i.e. make it gluten free, add fiber, reduce carbs, add protein, reduce chemical load, add a couple of ingredients for additional nutrient benefits by food pairing/combining, etc.)

Pantry Makeovers

Sometimes we buy things for food preparation and don’t realize the harmful ingredients in them or know which products are safe for us as individuals. I assist my clients in purging less healthy options and creating a home pantry they don’t have to question. 

Grocery Store Tours

It can be very overwhelming knowing WHERE in the grocery store you can find healthy options for your new cooking lifestyle. I love to walk through the aisles with my clients and open them up to the world of healthy options at their preferred grocery store. I can even introduce them to new shopping options at other stores.

Home Environment Recommendations

Did you know houseplants remove toxins from your home environment? Purify the air you breathe? Did you know most candles are really harmful for your health? I am here to explore your home health, including cleaning products, laundry products, anything you can think of!

Partner with Other Healthcare Providers

I am happy to be part of your team! If you are currently working with or being treated by another provider, I would love to communicate with them so we are all on the same page. After all, there’s Just One You, and you deserve all hands on deck!

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