I do!!! I created another “Fridge Dump” meal.

Backstory: My daughter is chicken-egg intolerant and lactose intolerant. Pretty seriously! She just celebrated her birthday and she requested my homemade lasagna. I thought…how can I make it as close to “mine” as possible? I found a lactose free cottage cheese, whipped  it with 3 duck egg-whites  (and one yolk), and basil. I made my homemade sauce and made her a lactose free, chicken-egg free lasagna.

Fast forward…I had a lot of cottage cheese mixture left (with egg in it). I also had leftover sauce (canned from our garden). ❤️

I also had 2 large Amish-raised chicken breasts thawed, and organic basil leaves unused in our fridge.

I smeared ghee on the bottom of a glass dish (I wish I had used a Dutch oven, but…). I filleted the chicken breasts and seared them in a pan and placed in the dish. I smothered them with the cottage cheese mixture, then layered basil leaves, fresh grated Parmesan, a tiny bit of organic mozzarella, then a couple of fists of organic spinach, and then my sauce. Baked in oven 45 minutes.  Not for my daughter, but for the rest of us. I’m not a fan of throwing out food, even if it’s not something I would normally eat. 90% organic and local ingredients; I’m not losing sleep over the cottage cheese. 😊 There’s Just One You—-be good stewards of your health AND your wealth. Waste not, want not. 🌺❤️

(If you need guidance in meal planning and how to use your leftovers, I’m here to help. Contact me to get started.)